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Allied Concert Raton NM

Updated: Feb 21

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Raton is the home of the Shuler Theatre, a jewel over 100 years old, with WPA murals on the lobby ceiling, incredible acoustics, and an enthusiastic audience that braved the snow to be there. This was about as close to a sweep as you could get. Overall and in all categories, Debussy won, except for the first round - a very close 51% to 49%, but otherwise every segment going for Debussy. One of my theories is that a beautiful setting creates more of a mindset for appreciating the beauties of Debussy’s music. However, Debussy also won in Dodge City, where I played in a basketball gymnasium! It was a pleasure discovering the Shuler, and meeting all the nice people at Denny’s afterwards too!

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