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Howland Chamber Music Circle

Coming out of COVID this season, the HCMC delivered a sold-out concert, standing room only! This was a great topper of a marathon day, where I played two Smackdowns back to back.Results_Heart_Soul/Entries/2023/1/15_Howland_Kids_concert.Howland Kids results.The Young Geniuses audience was particularly engaged - it was clear that live piano recitals were greatly appreciated after the long hiatus.Results of this Smackdown followed in the general trend of the past few: Chopin winning in the overall vote but the round by round results tell a difference story. Mendelssohn won 2 rounds out of 3, and came very close in the round by round voting. But Chopin still holds people’s hearts it seems, and gets their overall vote. Mendelssohn is more appreciated also among the piano players, as well as the middle aged and women. Still, the data is slim, so I’m looking forward to collecting more reactions from more people at more concerts!

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