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Auburn, NY - Adams Piano Series

Updated: Feb 20

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Topline was decisive - Prokofiev 40%, Debussy 53%. Breaking it down into the individual rounds, we see some interesting features. Prokofiev actually won in 3 out of 4 rounds! Only in Round 2 - Prokofiev Sonata #3 and Debussy L’Isle Joyeuse - did Debussy win, but by such a substantial margin that it tipped the overall votes into Debussy’s camp: Round 1 - Prokofiev Lt Kije Suite won over Debussy’s Suite Bergamasque 55% - 42%. Round 2 - L’Isle Joyeuse crushed Prokofiev’s Sonata #3. A true Smackdown there! 67%-27% Round 3 - Prokofiev’s variety (and Impressionism in Fugitive Visions) edged out Debussy’s Cloches and Jardins. 49% - 47% Round 4 - Prokofiev’s Toccata impressed slightly more than Debussy’s Reverie soothed! 50% - 48% Men were equally favorable to Debussy as to Prokofiev, whereas women tended to prefer Debussy. Men Women Did age make a difference? It certainly looks like Prokofiev’s share diminished as the age bracket went up. We can also say that the over 60 crowd didn’t listen to the instructions NOT to give ties!

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