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Results of Heart and Soul

Two early 20th century giants, both revolutionized the existing piano technique. However, they went in completely different directions, both in terms of piano technique as well as musical expression. 

Sergei Prokofiev

Overall Smackdown 


Debussy -- 44

Prokofiev -- 25

Tie -- 0

Claude-Achille Debussy


"Total Votes by Round" measures actual votes cast in all rounds, whereas "Overall Favorite" is a separate vote not based on a listener's round-by-round votes. This is why Debussy has a slight edge over Prokofiev in the Round Votes, and an even bigger lead in "Overall Smackdown Wins" but Prokofiev is neck and neck with Debussy in the "Overall Favorite" choice, showing his music's overall tendency to impress listeners. 

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