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Allied Concert Delta CO

Updated: Feb 21

Friday, March 29, 2019

Delta is surrounded by canyons and mesas as well as the Rockies, a beautiful and strange setting. The audience in Delta was very enthusiastic and responsive, and the results were a strong win for Debussy. This brings the total concert tally to exactly even! 28 to 28!! Some other interesting aspects to Delta - a win by Debussy in almost every sub-category, across gender, piano, and age (except for the few under 20 in the audience). And no one showed up in the 20-40 age bracket. And, as was the case with much of this Allied Concert Tour, exactly half of the audience has played piano. Being that this is the last of my Allied concerts this time, my general impression is that the art of piano wants to be alive and well, and that we just need to feed it more. Programs that engage the audience in this way are welcome and needed!

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