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Baylor University, Waco TX

Updated: Feb 20

Monday, March 19, 2012

It was a very satisfying evening, playing on a very nice Yamaha CFIIIS and finishing the night with a great meal and conversation at Elite (where Elvis once ate!). The audience, although sparse on a Monday night, was enthusiastic, and the contest was heated! Final results: 52% for Prokofiev, 44% for Debussy and 4% undecided. (Just when it looked like Prokofiev would be overwhelmed this season, he starts making a comeback!) Breaking it down by individual rounds: Round 1 - Debussy’s Suite Bergamasque and Romeo & Juliet neck and neck, 50%-50% Round 2 - Prokofiev’s Sonata #3 solidly favored over Debussy’s L’isle Joyeuse 60%-40% Round 3 - Debussy Cloches and Jardin preferred over Prokofiev’s variety 55%-45% Round 4 - Prokofiev’s Toccata won hands down, and this round cinched it for many people 66%-34% Men preferred Prokofiev, while Women were tied between the two. Men Women From an age perspective, Debussy definitely appealed to the younger listeners: under 21 preferred Debussy almost 2-1. Over 21, tastes skewed heavily to Prokofiev. It was a young audience tonight (average age 34) but the heavy presence of younger voters favoring Debussy was not enough to give Debussy the win!

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