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DiMenna Center

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Today’s concert brings the matchup back to a tie, 3-3! Of course, this was a special moment even without the vote, since we were all graced with the presence of Philip Glass himself. I did not announce his presence before the vote, which assured an honest assessment on the part of the audience! I was playing in his hometown, giving him a hometown advantage! The breakdowns, as always, were very interesting. The first two rounds going to Bach is a general trend that is now very clear. And the huge surge for Glass in the final round which brings things back into balance. It’s looking like youth goes more for Glass and wisdom goes more for Bach, that men have a slightly stronger preference for Glass when compared to women, and that non-pianists are more impressed with Bach. I will be so excited to continue this matchup and watch how the numbers roll in! I hope you will follow along!

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