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Indianapolis APA

Updated: Feb 20

Sunday, January 31, 2016

It was heartwarming to be back in my home town, Indianapolis, to be part of the #GrandEncounters series for the American Pianists Association. The concert was sold out, and everything came together to make for a beautiful event. There were many old friends, and many new ones too. The results were surprising - a Debussy landslide by 14%. And the breakdowns were sometimes surprising too - the preference of the under 20s for Debussy, the preference of Reverie over the Toccata, the stronger support shown for Debussy by men vs women! I was particularly heartened to play for an audience where over 60% play or had played piano. Congratulations to the American Pianists Association for cultivating and celebrating such an amazingly enthusiastic and knowledgeable audience in Indianapolis. This is truly a model for everywhere else. Check out the reviews""

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