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Lyra Festival

Updated: Feb 20

Saturday, July 9, 2016

I was so happy to support the great efforts of the Lyra Festival and their inaugural year on the Smith College campus. The hall was beautiful (Sweeney Recital Hall), the audience very enthusiastic, with lots of young musicians, and the debate intense! The results were split evenly by round, with Debussy winning the largest margin in round 2 (L’isle Joyeuse). The 40-60 age bracket was an outsider, going very strongly for Debussy, where every other bracket went for Prokofiev. While both men and women went slight majority for Prokofiev, there was a slightly stronger preference for Prokofiev on the part of women. For the young people (under 20) Prokofiev won the majority, although a healthy number favored Debussy. The comments were delightful! Thank you, to everyone, for voting and participating!

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