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Rockefeller University, NY

Updated: Feb 20

Friday, January 20, 2012

Very happy to return to Rockefeller University, whose concert series is one of New York’s best kept secrets. I can’t remember the first time, but it was perhaps 15 years ago? And at least 5 times if not 8 or 10 times since then! For this sophisticated audience, I decided to do the 4 rounds, but shortened the first round in order to fit into the time-frame. Overall results: Prokofiev wins over Debussy 104-78 (33 tie). Prokofiev wins by plurality of 48%, over Debussy’s 36%. 15% could not decide. Breaking it down by individual rounds: Round 1 - Prokofiev wins (124-89) Round 2 - Debussy wins (85-128) Round 3 - Prokofiev wins (149-65) Round 4 - Prokofiev wins (98-101) - the closest to a draw. Men showed a preference for Prokofiev, while Women were more evenly split, with a strong undecided vote! Men Women Divided by age, the over 60s went over 50% for Prokofiev, while the other age segments were evenly divided. <21 21-40 41-60 >60

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