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Cincinnati, OH Carlson-Berne Foundation

Updated: Feb 20

Sunday, February 8, 2015

It’s always a pleasure to return to Cincinnati, but this time was particularly touching - so happy to have helped the CBSFoundation raise money for music lessons for deserving and dedicated kids. I loved the poster - thanks to Fred Martens for designing it. And loved the School for Creative and Performing Arts - what a wonderful school and a wonderful concert hall! Thank you finally to Yamaha for providing the great CFX! Results were satisfying too - Debussy won, breaking Prokofiev’s string of 5 wins! Have to say that good acoustics and good pianos seem to help Debussy. Or rather, bad acoustics and bad pianos don’t seem to hinder Prokofiev - his music can take the dissonance and discomfort better than Debussy!

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