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Domaine de Manville

Updated: Feb 20

Saturday, October 24, 2015

In the amazing environment of the Baux de Provence in France, the Domaine de Manville is a paradise of elegance and luxury. Recently opened, I had the pleasure and honor to inaugurate the greenhouse with a piano recital, followed by a delicious and inventive gourmet dinner. The audience was an eclectic mix of ages, cultures, backgrounds, and the results were very interesting as well. Most notably, the split by age between the 20-60’s vs. the under 20s and over 60s. The middle age groups went for Debussy, when the extreme age groups went for Prokofiev. The results for Male and Female were mirror images of each other - more than half of Men voting for Prokofiev, more than half of Women voting for Debussy. And overall, a slight domination of Debussy, but an overwhelming amount of undecided or ties.

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