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Classical Smackdown Online

After 15 months in pandemic lockdown, this final Smackdown in the Global Classical Smackdown series was played to a hybrid audience at the Westport Library. Bringing together a last-minute in-person audience with the global reach of livestreaming brought the lockdown to a symbolic close. The results were very intriguing, once again. Just as with the Premiere performance, Mendelssohn won more rounds (2 to 1), the two split almost exactly evenly the number of rounds won, and Chopin walked away with a clear victory in the overall vote ( 3 to 2). Could it be that Mendelssohn in the moment captivates, or perhaps is more surprisingly captivating, while Chopin’s overall effect wins more generally? Whatever the interpretation, clearly there are strong feelings. I look forward to playing this particular smackdown more often, and getting more data and comments. This program divides the audience in two in yet another way than Heart and Soul or Time Travelers. Thank you for voting

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