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Lane Series, Burlington

I’ve played so many times in the Lane Series at the University of Vermont Burlington, but this time will be unforgettable. So many firsts: First time ever playing “Young Geniuses: Classical Smackdown - Mendelssohn vs. Chopin before age 20,” the third in my Classical Smackdown series. My first remote concert in the age of the Pandemic. First Classical Smackdown with instant voting by text, with a world-wide audience! The instant results were revealed live during the performance. After hearing some of the most beautiful and dazzling music by two of the piano’s greatest geniuses, the results were strong and mixed! Mendelssohn was a clear victor in 2 out of 3 rounds. Chopin had the widest margin of victory, beating Mendelssohn 3 to 1 in the 2nd round. And while the final vote came down to a 3 to 2 victory for Chopin, the overall votes across all the rounds was a virtual tie! Check out the comments below. And see you at the next Smackdown!

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