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Mohonk 2021

Returning to Mohonk, after skipping last summer (the first time since 1994!), was a joyous moment. Playing in the parlor, a setting designed for Chopin and Mendelssohn and their contemporaries, was a great way to ease back in to in-person music and performance. Audience members from age 5 to 87 enjoyed this program of music written by geniuses before the age of 20! Voting for this concert followed what is now turning out to be a pattern. Mendelssohn won more rounds, but only barely. Chopin’s overall votes beat Mendelssohn, and total votes across all rounds also goes to Chopin. Being an in-person event, I was finally able to collect some demographics, and by this single instance, it looks like men have a preference for Chopin, and women have an even stronger preference for Chopin! Non-piano players skew towards Mendelssohn over Chopin. And the populous 60+ age bracket goes for Chopin, unlike the 20-60 tranches. Thank you for voting!

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