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Claremont, NH Union Church - Heart and Soul

Updated: Feb 7

As part of a marathon of Smackdown, I played Heart and Soul at the Union Episcopal Church - a classic New England structure with a soulful piano. At the top level the results were very close, with Prokofiev edging out Debussy overall in "Overall Favorite." The rest of the results were more definitive, although they varied greatly by different subcategories and by each round.

Comments about the Classical Smackdown experience

fun like a black and white movie without words!

Music of this caliber is best described as being different, not better than one over the other. Different times, different cultures, different instruments

Votes definitely based on "mood of the moment"; very enjoyable program

I like both, but which songs I'd vote for depends on my mood/headspace

Comments about the Heart and Soul program

The comparison of these 2 innovators is a difficult one! Debussy - emotion and heart, Prokofiev is excitement and drama. Today I went with excitement

Comments about Frederic Chiu

Thank you!!!

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