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Instituto Ling in Porto Alegre

Updated: Feb 21

Thursday, March 30, 2023

It was a long flight to get to Porto Alegre, but it was all worth it to present Classical Smackdown for the first time in Brazil. The audience was attentive and engaged, and even though my comments were translated into Portuguese, there was a wonderful camaraderie and spirit in the hall. There was also a distinct preference for Debussy overall. Prokofiev barely won in the first round, a tiny win among men, and preferred by more under-40s. It was a perfect tie for people who have not played piano, and those who have played skewed Debussy (unusual)! The comments are in the original Portuguese - please use a translation add-on in your browser to read them in English. The Instituto Ling is a beautiful arts and culture destination. I wish there were more places like it around the world. My great appreciation goes out to them for their invitation and their impeccable production work!

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