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Mohonk '24 Heart and Soul

Updated: Jun 17

On the occasion of my 60th stay at Mohonk (and sometimes multiple performances during a single stay!) I was delighted to share the Classical Smackdown "Heart and Soul" one more time, to an enthusiastic early morning audience!

Debussy chalked up another win, taking 57% of individual rounds and 52% of the overall vote. To the left are the results by different segments.

Debussy won every age segment, with the closest contest being the <20 bracket.

Prokofiev claimed his only victory among piano players. Perhaps playing the piano makes one respect the technical challenges of Prokofiev, thus gaining more votes

I'm looking forward to being back at Mohonk soon, for Time Travelers on July 19!


A nice format to engage beginners. The acoustics of this room favor the Prokofiev selection. Bravo, lovely program, beautiful playing throughout. Including the Sunken Cathedral and/or the first Arabesques would tilt the match to Debussy.

Always a fun adventure!

Debussy is a pure melody composer. Prokofiev is a technical wizard


Great program!

I feel so fortunate to hear you perform in person again. A wonderful program!

It exilent music! (8 year old)

Prefer softer music.

Prokofiev = the way life is, Debussy = the way life should be. Suggestions future, Vaughn Williams, Gershwin-Porgy

Prokofiev deeper influence, more important with long view. Wonderful playing. Hard to decide.


To Frederic Chiu, thank you for a Fathers Day gift of your music

wonderful choices, brilliantly performed. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talent.

Wonderful! Thank you very much for an outstanding performance.

You are amazing!

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