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Pianistico in Joinville, Brazil

Updated: Feb 21

Saturday, April 1, 2023

I landed in Joinville, not expecting to find one of the most well-organized Piano Festivals in the world. And not just Classical Piano, but piano in all its forms and styles. The Classical Smackdown seemed to fit right into the atmosphere of discovery and enjoyment that swept through the crowds, the staff and the musicians alike. The results of all of this piano enthusiasm was that Prokofiev won by quite a landslide! In fact, by this one well-attended concert alone, the total overall vote count for the entire history of “Heart and Soul” was evened up to 48% to 48%! Prokofiev won in all the subcategories - a clean sweep! Compare these results to the other Brazilian city where I’ve played this program, Porto Alegre. Very different results!! I definitey look forward to my next visit to Brazil, hopefully with another Classical Smackdown to share! Obrigado!

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