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Thomas Jefferson Medical College, Dean's Concert

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The audience at Thomas Jefferson Medical College was overwhelmingly young (average age 32, median 24, mode 22!) so this was a good setting to see if age made a difference in preferences. While Debussy won yet again globally (52-40-1), this was the closest that Prokofiev came to matching him; when looking at score for all individual rounds, it was almost an even split. (138-130) Round 1 - Prokofiev wins (53-39) Round 2 - Debussy wins (59-30) Round 3 - Prokofiev wins (47-40) Even though Prokofiev won two of three rounds, Debussy came out the overall favorite. Sounds like the Electoral College effect! As for gender, it was an unsurprising split - Men preferred Prokofiev and Women largely preferred Debussy. Men Women As for the age differences, the youth went all-Prokofiev, and the others were closely split, with a preference for Debussy overall, but in individual rounds, Prokofiev edged out Debussy. The 60+s had a definitive preference for Debussy.

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